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At a time when people are complaining about the poor state of the movie industry, the selection of US-based Ghanaian musician and artist, Sam “Blitz” Bazawule’s The Burial of Kojo for streaming on Netflix is definitely good news for the industry.

There has been a buzz on social media since Array, an independent distribution company, founded by African-American filmmaker, Ava DuVernay, announced on Twitter on Saturday, February 16, that it had acquired the film and it would stream on Netflix from March 31.

For one of the actors who starred in the movie, Kobina Amissa-Sam, the selection of The Burial of Kojo is not just a boost for the country’s image but a wake up call for players to work and push for a sustainable movie industry.

Kobina Amissa-Sam, who played a Kwabena, a supporting character, told Showbiz he had always been positive about Ghana’s movie industry and entreated its players not to lose hope.

He said even though the industry’s current state isn’t one that people are proud of, the performance of Ghanaian movies at various international film festivals and at awards ceremonies since last year was indication that things haven’t fallen apart beyond rescue.

“I can understand that things aren’t going on as everyone expects but in such difficult situations, it is good to stay positive and I want to encourage my colleagues not to lose hope in the movie industry.

“Gradually, we are making headway and going back to the past glory but that needs a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to get the positive impact like we are making with The Burial of Kojo,” he said.

On how he feels about the news, Kobina Amissa-Sam said, “I’m very proud of the team. Personally, this means a lot to me because it adds a lot to my credentials as an actor. This is my second movie on Netflix after Beasts of No Nation.”

The Burial Of Kojo follows the tumultuous relationship between two brothers, Kojo and Kwabena. Kojo causes a car accident that tragically kills Kwabena’s bride on their wedding day. Kwabena in turn devices an elaborate plan to seek revenge seven years later.

He lures Kojo to an abandoned mine, knocks him unconscious and leaves him in the mine shaft to die. Kojo must survive with no food and water, while his wife and local detectives race against time to find him.

Some cast members of Burial of Kojo are Ama K. Abebrese, Joe Addo, Henry Adofo, Mamle Djangma, Anima Misa, Zifa Odonkor and Joseph Otsiman.


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