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At a time when there are several prophecies in the media coming from men of God and some of them are shrouded in doubts, fast rising Gospel Singer, Sarah Sarkodie has a different opinion on prophecies.

Sarah has revealed that before she started her music career, a pastor prophesied that she would become a musician and sing to the world one day and it has come become a reality.

She shared her story.

“My musical carrier started when a prophecy came through one of our senior prophet (James Boadu). This man had this prophecy when I was 16 years of age.  Well to elaborate on how this prophecy came, we had a big crusade in my hometown (Offinso).

During the crusade he called me as well as my mother, then he conducted 7 pastor and 7 elders to stand around both of us.  And all that he said was that God has me a great voice to sing.  He continued to say that God has ordained me to send gospel music to the world.  The men later prophesy that an important sign need to be done for me.  To be more specific my mother was also a singer of all time and she was told to accept the fact that God want to take her the way she sing to add up to mine.  Precisely she agreed that the sign should be done for me.  And the prophet delivered me, made the sign.

After years, I got married and my husband moved us to Accra.  So a time came when I started hearing voices singing to me and of how to compose music.  It even became so clear that I see songs written on a wall for me to write it down.

This voice occur irrespectively wherever I found myself even when am in the bathhouse.  One faithful day I was in the bathhouse when I heard this voice again wanting me to write a song down and frankly speaking I neglected the voice, which I decided to finish bathing.  I heard the voice again asking me to write the song down other than that I may forget it but still I neglected it.  Instantly my sponge fell, and bowing down to pick it up a cane from no where whipped my back hardly, so I ran out to put the song down, coming out my mother asked me that why am I out with this soupy water on me.

Quietly I by pass her with immediate effect to write the song down.  My mother in a haste followed up to ask me what’s going on, so I explain to her the voices of song I have been hearing and wanting me to write it down and as well as visions.  Immediately she knelt down to glorify God and gave thanks for letting this prophesy come true. I realize that the prophecy Opanyin James Boadu prophesy on me has come to pass, well this how my whole music carrier started”, she shared her story.

Sarah Sarkodie who is now making waves is currently out with a single “Onyame Wo So” from her album titled “Osoro Akasa”.

Watch the video below:


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