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Ghanaian TikTok star and lifestyle influencer, Aba Dope has been transparent about her previous relationships, exposing how her ex-boyfriend tricked her into being married to a Turkish woman after they went on a trip.

In an open conversation with Bella Mundi on the “Day Show,” she revealed this information and talked about her worst error as well as the lessons she took away from it.

When Aba Dope was in nursing school, she claimed to have fallen in love with a man. She would go see him at his house and assist his mother in preparing meals for the entire family.

But when her partner went abroad and told her he had married a Turkish national, things took a bad turn.

“So I was in love with a man when I was in nursing school. And whenever we vacate, I always go and visit him over there. One day he told me he had gotten a visa and was travelling. When he got there, he called me and told me he was now married to a Turkish,” she said.

She went on to say that she was offended by having to perform taxing chores like cleaning her boyfriend’s dad’s underwear and grinding pepper.

“What pained me was that the mom was always making me grind pepper when cooking for the family. Things that I cannot even do at my own home. But when I go to the boy’s mom’s house, I will help her cook for a family of 12. What even got me so hurt was that the mother would make me wash the underpants and supporters of her husband,” she said.

But Aba Dope stated that they continued to be friends and that her ex-boyfriend had apologised.

“I was heartbroken, but after I called the mum and voiced out my grievances, I was okay. I moved on and yeah, that was it.

“Oh, he apologized. I’m just telling the story because it’s my past. When I need something, I’ll just call him so I can say we are still friends,” she said

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