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I’VE NEVER MET THAT GIRL IN PERSON BEFORE – Zionfelix Speaks Up Amidst Cheating Scandal

Popular Ghanaian blogger, Zionfelix has finally opened up on accusations of cheating on his engaged fiancee, Minalyn.

After impregnating more than one woman at a time, he was accused of getting back into the dating pool when an anonymous Instagram handle accused him of sleeping with her while on his Europe tour.

The lady who calls herself Afia Adoma went on a rant about how she only wanted a business relationship with Zion but he wanted more.

She accused him of going behind his management and paying for her flight from London to France just to sleep with her.

She added how Zion told her he did not love Minalyn and it was just because of the child. As for Erica, the least said about her the better.

Zion has finally broken the ice and spoken on the issue. He is claiming that the stories created by this lady are false and he has never met her in person.

He did not deny the chats being real but he is denying them having anything physical going on as the girl had boldly claimed. This was according to presenter Ola Micheal as he discussed the saga on his show.

Clout is one hell of a drug. If he was right then she was definitely using him for the fame to ghost blog on Instagram so she can pay for her rent in her cubicle apartment.




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