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Feli Nuna, a Ghanaian rapper, musician, and composer, has counseled males to take only one wife.

Speaking from personal experience as someone who grew up in a polygamous household, she said that this might lead to arguments within the family.

Talking about her experience to Akua Sika on Happy 98.9FM’s Happy Evening Drive, she said “My dad gave birth to 12 children including 9 girls 3 boys with 4 different women and I would say it’s been a learning curve, and for us we’ve had a nice unit as a family.”

Although there was some friction between her and her siblings when they were younger, she recognized that things are better now that they have grown up and resolved all the problems.

“I wouldn’t want a polygamous family because of my experience. I would rather want to have a nuclear family just me, my husband and children,” she emphasized.

She warned the young people to avoid polygamy because it causes a lot of problems for the family.

“And it’s not every family that is able to learn from it and grow. Some people still have issues which is not good and the unfortunate part is the man won’t feel the pain rather, the woman and children will. But I’m very fortunate to have my siblings and my family,” she asserted.
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