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MY FAVOURITE MUSICIAN IS BLACK SHERIF – Elon Musk Allegedly Says In Viral Video

Elon Musk, a multi-billionaire investor and entrepreneur, has spoken highly of the Ghanaian singer and composer Black Sherif in an interview.

In an interview, Tesla’s CEO named the ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ singer as one of his favourite artists right now.

In a video making rounds on the internet sighted by, Elon Musk said: “My current favourite musician is Black Sherif. I can largely relate to his songs because they are my kind of songs.

“Even yesterday I was jamming to his song in my car. He’s my definition of a good musician. I hope to see him soon,” he added.

In July 2021, Black Sherif—real name Mohammead Ismail Sharrif—released his street hymn “Second Sermon,” which quickly rose to prominence.

He has topped the charts, and his music is used everywhere from social media influencer videos to NBA All-Star games because to its infectious melodies and choruses.


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