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George Kwabena Adu, also known as Kwabena Kwabena, is a High Life musician who recently shared the reason behind his extended period of singledom.

He claims that it is a time to organize oneself and get ready for a new relationship.

The musician said that living a single life has taught him to know more about himself in a Tuesday interview on Prime Morning. He claimed that the choice had given him the chance to modify himself for the connection.

“I met myself quite recently, and I’m having a moment. I’m getting to know George more, and I want to even prepare myself better for the next person I meet, because the next person is going to enjoy. She’s going to get a great version of me. She’s going to enjoy a more sophisticated Kwabena. The whole world is going to know her,” he told Asieduwaa Akumia.

He wants to meet someone of his standing while he is still unmarried.

After going through singlehood, he now feels that it is the finest time to get to know oneself because it has benefited him.

The “Obaa” singer holds the opinion that one can only demonstrate sincere love after coming to terms with oneself.

Kwabena Kwabena added that returning to school while single has allowed him to concentrate more on re-establishing himself.

As to whether he is searching or not, he said, “It’s quite relative now.”

The “Tokro” hitmaker has announced a new package for fans who buy tickets to his “Vita Milk Love Night” concert, which he says is aimed at singles.

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