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The beautiful lady in the centre of the sexually explicit and pure ‘adult content’ ‘Awurama’ music video from up-and-coming musician, Lord Paper, has been identified as Vonita Pearl Nana Yaa Darko, daughter of the chief executive of Jah Link Entertainment, Nana Kofi Darko, and also a former student of Prince Boateng Senior High School.

The music video captured Nana Yaa and Lord Paper completely naked and making love, but the two have told the media they were only acting though persons who have seen the video have described it as pornography and even alleged that the two were actually having real sex.

The video has become a sensation on social media and gone viral as well as generated a heated controversy but Nana Yaa, the lady in the centre of the discussion has told the media she is not bothered about name calling and accusations being levelled at her.

“I’m not bothered at all: you know why I don’t care about it; because people would even judge you when they don’t know you. People who really know me know that it was work that I was doing and nothing in it was real. So whatever someone else says, it does not make me and it does not break me. I am still who I am and I am still Nana Yaa,” she told Kwesi Aboagye on Peace FM Entertainment Review on Saturday.

Lord Paper also told the station that though the video appears as porn, they were only acting and that he never penetrated Nana Yaa at any point of the entire production.

Read the full transcript of what Nana Yaa told Kwesi Aboagye:

How come you agreed to shoot such a video?

I do not really see anything huge about the video. It was just like any other music video that I have shot. I just accepted [to play the role]. When he approached me, I was like cool, I would do it.

Is this your first time shooting a music video?

No. I have done a couple of videos with Tic-Tac and a few others.

Some say it is a porn video and a big deal.

It is not porn at all. People are speaking about it that it is porn. They watch porn and they should be honest with themselves that there is a huge difference. I do not blame them though, they weren’t on set when we were shooting so someone could just stand somewhere and say something and get away with it because they do not know about it. But, I am not bothered because they were not around. Right now, it is like the whole world against one person. I don’t have to explain myself to every single person.

So you are not bothered?

No. I am not because nothing out there was real. It was all acted. As I said before, it was all work. That’s all.

Did you get wet?


You were being caressed and fondled by a man and you did not get wet?

The whole concept of the video was meant to make you think like that. So people are actually getting the concept of the video. But it was actually not sex. People are thinking it was pornography but there is a huge difference between pornography and what is out there.

With pornography, they are acting sex and they are really having sex and whatever thing that goes on in there is real. But with my video that I did, I acted it out but whatever that happened was not real. Whichever way people want to see it, I don’t care.

Have your parents watched it?

Yes, they have.

What was their response?

What my parents said about the video? I am sorry, but I can’t disclose family matters.

Lord Paper said his mother was unhappy about it. How did your parents take it?

As I said before, I can’t disclose family issues. Maybe, he is comfortable to open up his family issues in public but I am not. So any other question, I would answer it but not family issues.

So your parents have seen it and they are praising you that you have done a good job.

They do not have to praise me. I am not a minor and any decision that I make is mine and affects my life. Despite the negative comments that people are giving, they are mine and they are going to live with me forever. I thought about all these before making the video so I do not see why it should affect me now.

So you would live with the negative comments and you don’t care much about it in some 20 or 10 years to come?

Not at all: you know why I don’t care about it; because people would even judge you when they don’t know you. People who really know me know that it was work that I was doing and nothing in it was real. So whatever someone else says, it does not make me and it does not break me. I am still who I am and I am still Nana Yaa

Do you attend church?

Once in a while, when I get the time to, I do. But this is not supposed to be an excuse for not going to church. I go to church once in a while, I do.

Have your Church members seen the video?

Hopefully, they have. This video has gone viral than I thought it would. And if they see it, they are in Church. The Church has many responsibilities. You don’t sit somewhere and judge someone by what you see. So I am not bothered in the first place because people who are judging me do not know me.

Who is Nana Yaa?

I am just one open-minded person that I do things I am okay with and criticisms do not break me. That’s me.

What’s the name of your pastor?

I am sorry, but I am not mentioning it.

Speculations say you were not paid well enough for the role you played and that you did it for the fame it would bring you.

Wow. I was already famous before this thing came out. This is not about fame and that is what they are getting wrong. You see, most people want to do what you are doing but they do not have the balls and guts to do it and that’s why they are criticising. They are just two-faced people. Too many hypocrites around and too many haters around.

It was a job I did. No one works for free but the amount of money that I got paid, I can’t disclose it but it was a job I did and I got paid. No one would work for free.

Well, okay, they are working for free because they are wasting their time and talking about something they do not know and no one is paying them. They are not using their time to make money so trust me I am not bothered. It is not about the fame though because trust me, people already know me. I am that lively person. And I am very open and very lively so people already know me.

There is a thin line between what you did and pornography. Can you act porn?

I do not shoot pornography. People are saying there is a thin line. Similarity is not the same as something. Something can be similar to another thing but it does not mean they are the same. I shoot music videos I do not shoot pornography. Simple like that….You could give me the whole world I am not shooting porn.

Why can’t you shoot porn?

My policy is against it. I don’t have any reason for it but you have to understand that people have choices and that is the choice I have made. I don’t have to give a reason for the choice.

People give pornography a bad name. Is that why you don’t want to shoot porn?

No, no no. Not at all. I care less about what people think. That’s the least of my worries. Society frown on porn and that I am aware. But, it is not my reason for saying I not shooting porn. Porn is not me. People have their reasons for doing porn and I do not judge them. They have their reasons, they know what they are going through and they know what they gain from it. It is about making your life peaceful and whether negative or positive, no one has the right to judge you. It is only whoever created you that has the right to judge you. Basically, that’s it.

Do you shoot music videos for a living?

Shooting music video is part of my job and I can only answer questions related to this particular music video. I am sorry. Nothing more.

We leave it here Nana Yaa, thanks very much for our time.

Thank you.

Source: News One

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