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Moesha - Nenebi

Controversial actress Moesha Boduong has hit back at critics of her attention-seeking antics on social media with a featured verse on poet/songwriter Nenebi’s song released last Friday, September 2nd.

The Amakye and Dede actress, who gained notoriety for flaunting her big butts on photo-sharing platform Instagram rhetorically asked, “You call me an attention whore, isn’t our attention what even God is fighting for?” in the second verse of the song aptly titled Me, My Selfie and Eyes also featuring another controversial celebrity, musician Mzbel.

Nenebi, himself not immune to controversies, mostly over his costume choices like wearing boxer shorts on stage for his performance on DKB’s Point of View and going on Angel TV with just towel wrapped around his waist, set the tone for the 3:31-minute long song with a stunning verse.

He touched on double standards with lyrics like, “The old woman spits with spite at the young man with tattoo marks while forcing on her grandchild tribal marks.”

He also spoke on selective appreciation with the religious innuendo, “We love Jesus and hate Judas Iscariot but without him, He won’t be coming for us in his chariot. The prophets said the Messiah will be sold. Who would had, if Judas’ feet were cold.”

In a fun-sounding chorus to the song, which had her in career prima mood, Mzbel flaunted her selfie skills, “Alone in the bathroom, camera on the mirror, I’m about to let the world know how pretty I am.”

The Ada-based spoken word artist set the scene for Moesha’s verse with lyrics trumpeting his love for girls flaunting their goodies on social media.

Moesha responded with lyrics that sounded like direct hit back to almost every criticism labeled against her “flaunting her goodies”.

Her spoken word verse is littered with surprisingly beautiful poetic gems like, “Don’t crave attention, earn admiration. But how can I earn admiration without first attention?” Just like no camera can capture every angle in one shot, no one mind can have a full pic of how life should be.”

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