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According to the 2023 Ghana Tourism report, nearly 44 per cent of both local and international tourists have labelled Ghana as an expensive destination, in contrast to those who consider it affordable.

Of this group, 7.85 per cent of tourists from the US, UK, Nigeria, and domestic sources rated Ghana as very expensive, with an additional 36.13 per cent deeming it expensive. Conversely, 15 per cent stated that Ghana is less expensive, while 18 per cent disagreed with the notion of it being expensive.

The report highlights that Ghana’s tourism sector faces challenges due to the numerous taxes and levies imposed on patrons. With approximately 20 taxes and levies in place, including NHIL, VAT, GETfund, and COVID-19 levy, among others, the country has become relatively costly compared to similar destinations in the region.

Despite being ranked as the most visited country in West Africa by Tripadvisor, Ghana’s tour packages and hotel rates remain significantly high.

The Ghana Hotels Association has raised concerns about the high-cost structure involved in setting hotel rates, attributing it largely to the multitude of taxes and levies. These levies impact pricing mechanisms across the hospitality industry.

However, Ghana aims to bolster tourist arrivals to around two million international tourists in 2024, compared to the 1.1 million recorded in the previous year. In 2023, international tourist arrivals increased by 25 per cent, with US nationals constituting the largest group, followed by Ghanaians residing abroad, in the UK, Nigeria, Germany, and South Africa.

Despite challenges, the Ghana Tourism Authority maintains that the country remains an attractive destination, with over 37 international airlines operating through Kotoka International Airport and unique tourism offerings such as forts and castles.

However, stakeholders expressed concerns about the consistent perception of Ghana as an expensive destination and its potential impact on tourism growth.


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