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Wanlov Da Kubolor has hit the alleged corrupt judges real hard this morning on social media.

“The “Kokonsa” Rapper has indicated that the judiciary was “created as a masquerade to cheat the common man”.

According to him, it is not surprising that 180 officials of the Judicial Service have been caught on camera taking bribes and extorting money from litigants in the latest corruption exposé by investigative journalist Anas Arimeyaw Anas.

The member of FOKN Bois music duo has stated that the British courts were designed to protect the interest of the rich adding that, the current system in the country makes corruption conducive for people.

Kubolor stated that the indicted judges should be imprisoned. He dispelled suggestions by a section of the public that judges are corrupt because they are paid meagre salaries.

Read Wanluv’s tweets @wanlov below:

” I just hear say one judge has suffered a stroke while the other one has been hospitalised. #AnaArimiyawAnas

dey all need to be at nsawam prison weeding right now now now

dem all 4 join their fellow criminals for nsawam

i said we should not be surprised…not that they are not guilty…dis system makes corruption conducive

the british/gh courts were never designed to serve the common man but rather protect the interests of the rich

have we always been our own enemies…?…when did the british judicial system become OUR own?

Not true & not y they are corrupt…they dress like our enemies did & study books our enemies left for them…das y

yet their very nature is corrupt because their profession was created as a masquerade to cheat the common man”

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