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Ghanaian actress and social media personality Tracey Boakye has dared Politician Kennedy Agyapong to do his worse after the latter made some allegations and revelations against her on “The Seat” on Net 2 TV yesterday.

Kennedy Agyapong went haywire on Net 2 TV yesterday as he fired Tracey Boakye, making claims that Tracey had disgraced Ex-president Mahama and even gone ahead to blackmail him.

According to Ken, the blackmailing will not hold water because the supposed journalist Tracey had sent videos of Mahamah to is also dirty and Ken will expose the journalist if he dared to release anything on Mahama.

One would have thought that this would have ended it. But Tracy Boakye would have none of it as she has also retaliated by coming down heavily on Kennedy Agyapong in a live social media video.

In the video, she questioned why Ken had to bring her up on Net 2 TV, and asked if she was his classmate and dared him to bring all evidence he had.

“God willing Wednesday, when you’re coming to Net2 if you like bring a house full of documents on all the men I had affairs with. I don’t care. I am not a virgin. And I made something out of all the chopping” she angrily barked.

Tracey Boakye denied ever blackmailing the former president Mahama as being alleged by Kennedy Agyapong, saying she does not have any video or audio whatsoever of the ex-president and she dared Ken to bring any video of her as he claimed.

She further stated that at her age, she was proud of whatever she had achieved and all the mistakes she had made in her life.

Obviously the battle line has been drawn and the war may just be beginning. Knowing  Kennedy Agyapong, one will not be surprised the length he would go to silence Tracey Boakye.


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