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I WILL NEVER PROPOSE TO A MAN- Stephanie Karikari Insists

Despite her eagerness to be in a romantic relationship, Miss Ghana 2010, Stephanie Karikari says, she will never make the first move at or propose to a man, no matter how much interested she is in him.

Stephanie insists she would rather die a spinster than walk up to a man and tell him she has a thing for him.

While some women see nothing wrong with ‘proposing’ to men, the former beauty queen does not believe it is proper for a woman to make a pass at a man no matter how much she is attracted to him.

According to the former beauty queen, a cosmotologist by profession, men are likely to look down upon such women and she will not offer herself to be looked down upon.

“First of all, the Ghanaian culture does not even support it. In our African setting, it is the men who chase the women and not the other way round. Simply put, it is not a wise decision for a woman to make.

“I will feel very bad and look so stupid if a man tells me ‘after all I didn’t propose to you’. I just can’t imagine a man saying that to me” she told Showbiz in an interview on Friday.

Asked if she has ever had a crush on a man, Stephanie said she has come across a good number of men who she finds attractive but she will never make the mistake of telling them how she feels.

She frowns on women who make the first move so much that she will not even suggest to a friend or relative to do so. “I will not advise anyone woman to go ahead to hit on a man. I do not think it is a good idea.

Thus she is waiting for a smart, well-to -do man and someone she can relate to said to sweep her off her feet.

Talking about her cosmotologist career, Stephanie who has employed eight people under her Safari Cosmestics said she aims at taking care of people’s skin problems.

On what she would have done differently if she had the chance to participate again in a beauty pageant, Stephanie who plans to come up with a TV show said things would have been different.

“I was only 18 years when I won Miss Ghana in 2010. I am now 25. I believe I am more mature now and would certainly do things differently if I get the opportunity to do so” she added.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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